01 May 2006

It's A Bird...

Premise: A comic-book writer ponders the impact of Superman on his personal and professional life, as well as the lives of those around him.

Former Superman writer Steven T. Seagle draws deeply from personal experience in this painfully honest tale of a man who is offered the career opportunity of a lifetime in the midst of a personal crisis. Over the course of the story, he dissects all of the major elements of the Superman legend and thoroughly examines them in the hopes of finding something, anything that he can relate to. Unfortunately for the protagonist, as he struggles with his assignment, he is also forced to face problems with his family, his friends, and his girlfriend; problems that are only exacerbated by the creative pressures that come along with writing one of the most famous fictional characters of all time.

Seagle is ably assisted by artist and frequent collaborator Teddy Kristiansen, who renders the story in a variety of artistic styles. From understated watercolors to four-color pop art, his pencils, Kristiansen does an excellent job of switching the tone of the story with his art in a way that is not jarring (unless it's supposed to be).

Recommended For: people who wonder why adults still read comics; people who appreciate symbolism; people at a crossroads in their professional lives; anyone who has ever lost a loved one due to disease.
Not Recommended For: people who are not approaching middle-age;people who aren't interested in the creative process and just want to see Superman save the day.