21 March 2008

Who Is Wonder Woman?

A long time ago, I talked about how much I love me some Wonder Woman. I also lamented the lack of great stories starring this character. Thankfully, DC recently released a collected edition of a story that reinvents and redefines the character for new readers as well as long-time fans.

One of the best decisions DC made is to hire the team of Terry & Rachel Dodson to provide the art for this series. Terry is unparalleled at drawing sexy heroines and sultry villains, but still managing to render them in a tasteful manner, thanks to the influence of his inker/wife, Rachel. Together, they make Wonder Woman (the heroine and the comic) beautiful.

Of course, art this good deserves an excellent story to match. Allan Heinberg does an amazing job taking 65-years of back-story and paring it down into 5 issues of a story that educates new readers, rewards the faithful readers, and takes the character in a new and unexpected direction.

Recommended For: Women who owned Wonder Woman Underoos as children, girls who love the character on Justice League, men who like seeing catfights, women who are turned off by overly exploitative depictions of women in comics.
Not Recommended For: Greek History majors.