17 September 2005


Premise: What happens when a supervillain actually manages to conquer the world?

Empire is the story of Golgoth, a Dr. Doom-style supervillain who used his superior technology and tactical knowledge to crush all opposition to him. In order to maintain his monarchy, he employs a cabinet of "trusted" ministers to handle things in his absence. Over the course of the book, he has to deal with freedom fighters, disloyal ministers, and his teenaged daughter, Delfi.

What could have been a standard comic-book story reads like a Shakespearean tragedy in the hands of veteran comic writer Mark Waid. This is an incredibly intelligent work with fully-realized characters, complex plot threads, and a shocking climax. Waid's frequent collaborator, Barry Kitson, delivers pencils that are clean and realisitic, yet still bold and dynamic. This book should be read by anyone who dismisses superhero comics as children's fare.

Recommended For: Fans of 1984, Brave New World, Dune, and King Lear.
Not Recommended For: people who hated reading Machiavelli's The Prince in high school.

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