08 September 2006

The Exterminators: Bug Brothers

Premise: An ex-con gets hired as an exterminator, and lears that it's a dirty job on many, many levels.

Simon Oliver and Tony Moore have put together a sharp, funny, and twisted series that works on two levels. On one level, you have cheap laughs, unsettling visuals, a little bit of sex, and lots of explodo. On a deeper level, this is a satire that touches on subjects such as poverty, local politics, big business and human nature. The characters are colorful without being too broad. The art is vivid and evocative (penciller Moore is particularly adept at depicting LA as it really looks, not how you see it on TV).
On top of that, it's one of the least expensive paperbacks on the market, so give it a whirl.

Recommended For: people with a dark sense of humor; Southern California natives; fans of Repo Man, Men In Black, Training Day and/or Six Feet Under.
Not Recommended for: people who are freaked out by bugs.

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