26 September 2007

All-New! All Different!!!

And now, the reboot.
When I started this blog over 2 years ago, I wanted to bring new readers into the medium that I loved so much. Most comics aren't exactly new reader friendly, and I wanted to provide jumping on points for the casual reader. Unfortunately, I got a little derailed.
First, I got a little discouraged when I realized that the original title of my blog, "Gateway Comics", was also the name of a chain of comics stores back east, and my blog would be pushed to the third
page of Google Links.
Second, I was wondering if I was really the best person to bring the casual comics reader into the hobby, since the majority of what I read is continuity-laden superhero titles that have become more and more entrenched in their own backstories.
Turns out both of these problems are relatively easy fixes.
My partner-in-crime Jessica is firmly entrenched in the online knitting community, and it seems that most of those people name their blogs "So-and-so knits." It amuses me for some reason, but it also gets its point across. "Here I am and here is what I do." Hence the new name, "Dan Reads Comics."
As for the other problem... there are a couple of diamonds in the proverbial rough. Who better to find them than someone who spends most of his time wading through the mire?
So here's the deal. I buy comics every Wednesday after work, and if something in my weekly pile strikes me as high quality AND new reader friendly, I'll post about it. If not, I won't. Simple as that.
So on to the next page...

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