02 August 2005

Origin Story

Hello, and welcome to the new blog.
The idea got started when I was at a party a few weeks ago with an old college friend. We were discussing his love of zombie movies, when I told him about a comic series called The Walking Dead. He was intrigued, and wanted to check it out. He then mentioned that comics in general had always interested him, but getting into the hobby seemed a bit daunting. A few years ago, I had lent him Judd Winick's excellent graphic novel Pedro & Me, since he is a big fan of The Real World, and he enjoyed it quite a bit. My track record for getting friends and ex-girlfriends to read comics has been pretty good so far. Perhaps I could recruit people into the hobby on a larger scale. And so, Gateway Comics is born.

My plans for this blog are as follows:
  • Write reviews of some of my favorite graphic novels that are geared towards people who don't read comics with regularity, to give them an idea of some of the books they might enjoy.
  • Get some of the friends I forced comics upon to contribute to the blog, and offer opinions on what they read.
  • Use my friends' children as guinea pigs, to see what kind of comics kids would like and not like (I may be an immature 30-year-old man, but I am still a 30-year-old man; I have no business second guessing the likes and dislikes of an 8-year-old girl).
  • Recruit as any people into the hobby as humanly possible.
All of that having been said, please stay tuned, spread the word, and enjoy.

EDIT: I almost forgot. Unless otherwise specified, all of these books can be ordered through either your local comic book store or Amazon.com.

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