04 August 2005

Superman/Batman vol. 1 - "Public Enemies"

(This review was originally written for Clusterstruck, and I intentionally limited myself to 100 words. If you prefer this review format to the other one, please leave feedback.)

Recently-elected president Lex Luthor declares Superman and Batman enemies of the state, and battles them using America's resources.

Thoughts:Writer Jeph Loeb has written comics about both characters separately, with great critical and commercial success. Unlike most other comic writers, he seems to love both heroes equally, and you can feel that love in every page. Artists Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines infuse an already fast-paced story with a breakneck, manga-inspired energy that practically lifts the action off of the page and directly into your brain, making this book an intense, cinematic experience.

In short: Best $13 you'l ever spend.

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Derek said...

I prefer the longer reviews with Recommended for:/Not recommended for: teasers. Those tend to draw me in to reading...