02 August 2005


This is writer/artist Alex Robinson's follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Box Office Poison, and it proves that he is no one-trick pony.
Tricked follows individual characters from different walks of life whose paths all ultimately intersect at the big climactic moment.
Robinson is an incredibly gifted storyteller. In the hands of a lesser writer, the reader wouldn't have very much emotional investment in these character archetypes (How many times have we seen the washed-up rockstar, the waitress looking for love, the teenage girl just off the bus from the middle of nowhere, etc.?). In the hands of Robinson, though, what could have been tired stereotypes became fully-formed, fascinating characters that compel you to keep reading. The dialogue is clever, but not forced. The pacing is excellent, and builds to a satisfying, yet unexpected, climax.
The art, on the other hand, is a different story. Robinson's drawing style is reminiscent of the cartoons in the local college paper. It's a bit over-inked, and possibly too cartoony for such a serious story. Still, it is easy to follow, and it isn't so bad that it distracts from the story.
In any case, Alex Robinson is a true talent, and Tricked is an excellent read. Ask your local comic shop or bookstore to order it for you.

Recommended for: music geeks, sports memorabilia collectors, anyone who has ever been in love.
Recommendation to avoid: people who read comics mainly for the art.

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